Even If You Don’t Own a Kindle…

August 22, 2010 at 7:25 AM Leave a comment

I just received a brilliant e-mail from reader Jim S. He suggested reading PowerPivot for the Data Analyst
on your PC using the free Kindle for the PC software.

There are many advantages to getting the Kindle version of the book:
1) The figures appear in color, even though the printed book is in black and white.
2) Easy search for phrases instead of using the index.
3) Save money; the Kindle edition costs only $15.39 at Amazon instead of $23.09 for the print edition.
4) Read the book on multiple devices. I currently have free Kindle apps running on 2 PC’s, one iPad, and one Android. Buy the book once, sync to up to 5 devices that you own.

Those are pretty compelling reasons.

Jim was nice enough to send along a screenshot from the Kindle for the PC:
Screenshot from PowerPivot book on Kindle PC

The steps would be fairly easy:
1) Download the free Kindle for PC Software
2) Buy the book here
3) Choose to sync on the Kindle for PC application.

There are 16 of my books available for the Kindle: Bill’s Kindle Books
Here is a screenshot of the first 12 kindle books:
Bill Jelen books available on the Kindle


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