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PowerPivot For The Data Analyst: Microsoft Excel 2010

Business intelligence (BI) tools make it possible for companies to gain deep, actionable insights for faster, better decision-making – and greater competitiveness. Until recently, however, access to BI has largely been restricted to experts using complex, specialized tools. With PowerPivot for Excel 2010, Microsoft has changed that. Together with SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft’s new SharePoint Analysis Services, PowerPivot makes advanced business intelligence available to any mainstream business user working with Excel 2010. Of course, having the tools isn’t enough: you must learn how to use them. That’s where PowerPivot for the Data Analyst comes in.

In this book, legendary Excel expert and instructor Bill Jelen shows exactly how to use PowerPivot to gain deep, actionable insights for more effective business decision-making. Using concrete examples and real-life scenarios, Jelen walks through setting up PowerPivot and integrating multiple data sources; creating and sharing dynamic dashboards; slicing and dicing to perform fast, interactive, ad hoc analyses; leveraging Excel’s familiar features in advanced BI applications; and much more. This book is part of the new MrExcel Library series.

  • The First book on PowerPivot, the breakthrough Microsoft technology that can extend business intelligence to any Excel user.
  • Use PowerPivot, SharePoint Analysis Services, and Microsoft SQL Server together, to slice and dice huge amounts of data, and create and share powerful business models.
  • Written by Microsoft MVP Bill Jelen (“MrExcel”), as part of his new MrExcel Library series.

About the Author

Bill Jelen, known worldwide as MrExcel, presents live Excel seminars to accountants throughout the U.S. His 20 books on Microsoft Excel include Special Edition Using Excel 2007, Pivot Table Data Crunching, and VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel. Honored as a Microsoft MVP for Excel, he has produced 500 episodes of his “Learn Excel from MrExcel” video podcast.


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