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PowerPivot for the Excel Data Analyst


PowerPivot For The Data Analyst: Microsoft 2010 by Bill JelenWelcome to my blog to accompany the QUE book – PowerPivot for the Data Analyst: Microsoft Excel 2010.

While the book covers many topics of interest to people who use Excel and PowerPivot, I’ve chosen one topic in most chapters to demonstrate with a video. This blog will contain the complete collection of videos mentioned in the book, plus any other videos that I record as part of my Learn Excel from MrExcel Podcast.

About the Book

There are three types of people interested in PowerPivot:

  • Excel Data Analysts
  • SharePoint Admins
  • SQL Server Analysis Services gurus

This book is aimed directly at the Excel Data Analysts who want to use the PowerPivot client with Excel 2010 for business analysis. There is only 1 chapter that touches on the SharePoint application.

If you are hoping to learn how to set up PowerPivot with SharePoint, this is not the book for you. Buy a book by one of the SharePoint guys, such as Denny Lee’s Professional Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint. Besides having a much cooler cover (I am not sure what the skier has to do with PowerPivot, but it is a cool picture!), Denny will be able to walk you through the SharePoint issues of PowerPivot.

My book is designed for the people who use Excel every day, who likely use pivot tables already, and are eager to use PowerPivot to expand their analysis capabilities. I don’t work for Microsoft, so I am free to spend Chapter 3 telling you how the PowerPivot team missed the boat on a lot of features that you probably love from regular pivot tables. After all, you should be well-informed of what you are getting into. But, I also spend the bulk of the book teaching you how to get your Excel data into PowerPivot and how to leverage the fantastic tools that are there to create amazing reports.


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PowerPivot for the Excel Data Analyst

PowerPivot Book Cover

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